In May 2003 the association and company lapama was founded by Rolf Kasteleiner in Paris 

The company dedicated itself to the promotion of international theater and film projects, which want to expand the theater with new design elements such as videoconferencing and sign language and open to a new audience. The company became known through the success of WAITING FOR GODOT IN SIGN LANGUAGE, which was shown in various theaters in Germany and France and at the Beckett Festival 2006 in Scandicci (Italy). The production manager Céline Chocat is responsible for all lapama projects in France.


BORGTHEATER – cyborg performing theater was founded 2013 in Berlin

Virtual spaces and avatars are brought back to the reality of the theater without video technology in order to re-arrange their contents. The trilogy INTERNET IDENTITY marks a new stage in which the theater stage is dissolved and the action takes place simultaneously in several rooms simultaneously.

The company works with game designers to transfer the form of the computer game to the theater and to allow the viewer as a player to participate in the theater process. Viewers have a central role in controlling the game and deciding whether to approve or redesign the content of the game.

The trilogy INTERNET IDENTITY also offered workshops and ongoing cultural education seminars to provide young adults with access to immersive theater and a creative way to gamble. Since 2014, there are also art projects for international cultural exchange. Permanent members in Berlin are Rolf Kasteleiner and the Anne Sylvie-König.